Dragomon Hunter

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Added Under MMORPG | NA, EU | Open Beta: October 28, 2015
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Drogomon Hunter
GameTags: aeria games, x-legend, open world, anime, fantasy, crpg

Info: Dragomon Hunter is a monster hunting MMORPG developed by X-Legend. Pitting players and their friends against fearsome and fantastical creatures, the game has more than 100 monsters to track down, a huge world to traverse, and the ability to turn any monster you defeat into a mount.

Players can team up with their friends and jump into the world of Dragomon as one of four classes: Scout, Mercenary, Mage, or Cleric. The most skilled hunters can put their strength and teamwork to the test by squaring off against the fiercest monsters around. Materials obtained from fallen opponents can be used to craft and upgrade powerful weapons and equipment. Once conquered, monsters can even be added to a player’s mount collection.

Key Features:
? Defeat and collect over 100 different Dragomon that roam the world.
? Explore a huge world on your quest for the ultimate hunt.
? Harvest materials from defeated Dragomon to craft powerful gear.
? Show off your hunting prowess by using defeated Dragomon as mounts.
? Play with your favorite controller thanks to built-in gamepad support.
? Team up with your friends to take down Dragomon.

Model: F2P
Status: Open Beta [ October 28, 2015 ]
Subgenre: CRPG

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Version: North America, Europe
Developer: X-Legend
Publisher: Aeria Games
Release Date(s): Closed Beta – October 15, 2015 | Open Beta – October 28, 2015 | Launch – n/a
Language(s): English, French
Platform(s): PC
System Requirements: n/a

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Dragomon Hunter, 3.5 out of 5 based on 5 ratings
  • BaroNight

    Looks like a cute anime version of Monster Hunter…
    I’m interested! Can’t wait for the release!

  • MikaHoshigumo

    I look forward to seeing a 3D chibi-looking MMORPG!

  • xxanderr

    it’s already in open beta stage

  • stoperfect

    Very bad game… you get killed be boss multiplayer with full party with 2 hits.1/5.game score is max i can give…its normal for Aeria.games…they all are the same… you can win only if u pay…and you overpowered enough soo u can not die befor u turn around…..