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Arcane Legends

Added November 18, 2012  

Added Under MOBILE, BROWSER, MMORPG | International | Live: November 13, 2012
Arcane Legends
GameTags: spacetime studios, instance-based, fantasy, crpg

Info: Arcane Legends is a cross-platform MMORPG from Spacetime Studios. Adventure through dungeons in this MMO and fight bosses, find loot, join guilds and collect pets. Build your character and quest alongside thousands of other players online and synchronously in real time. Your quests will take you and your friends through castles, forests, and dungeons as you fight dragons, orcs, and other evil forces attempting to destroy the kingdom of Arlor.

Heroes & Generals

Added November 8, 2012  

Added Under BROWSER, STRATEGY, SHOOTER | International | Open Beta: March 1, 2013
# PC
Heroes and Generals
GameTags: reto-moto, square enix, lobby-based, world war 2, military, grand strategy, first-person shooter

Info: Heroes & Generals is a free-to-play MMOFPS developed by Reto-Moto. Set in the European theater of World War II, the game features a massive multiplayer campaign where players take part in a wide range of battles to decide the outcome of an ongoing persistent online world war.

Dino Storm

Added October 21, 2012  

Added Under BROWSER, MMORPG | International | Live: December 17, 2012
# PC
Dino Storm
GameTags: splitscreen studios, open world, western, dinosaurs, crpg

Info: Dino Storm is a western-themed MMORPG developed by Splitscreen Studios. With just a few dollars in your pocket, little ammunition, a laser gun and your small but trusty dinosaur you arrive at gold rush town Dinoville. Explore the rich game world, face enormous wild dinosaur herds and merciless bandits on your hunt for valuable items. Manage supply camps, teleport gates and claims and defend them against other players. Found your own clan, earn Fame & Respect. Only the best will make it to the top and become Sheriff of Dinoville.


Added October 18, 2012  

Added Under BROWSER, SHOOTER | International | Open Beta: January 24, 2013
# PC
GameTags: masthead studios, indie, lobby-based, sci-fi, mecha, third-person shooter

Info: GUNS and ROBOTS is a multiplayer online TPS developed by Masthead Studios. The game has a huge array of customizable robots with over 150 different parts. The robots in the game can be configured into three classes: The speedy Light Class, the well-balanced Medium Class, and the persistent Heavy Class.


Added September 27, 2012  

Added Under MOBILE, BROWSER, MMORPG | International | Open Beta: July 22, 2012
GameTags: marxnet , indie, open world, medieval, fantasy, retro, sandbox, crpg

Info: RPG MO is an online multiplayer role-playing game that gives players the opportunity to explore many paths. Players can build up combat and magic skills and acquire spells, weapons and armor to become formidable fighters, and they may also build up crafting skills and create items for themselves or for sale to others.

Jagged Alliance Online

Added September 19, 2012  

Added Under BROWSER, STRATEGY | International | Live: September 14, 2012
# PC
Jagged Alliance Online
GameTags: gamigo, bitcomposer games, cliffhanger productions, lobby-based, modern, turn-based strategy

Info: Jagged Alliance Online (JAO) is a multiplayer online turn-based strategy game developed by Cliffhanger Productions. The game is built around the familiar mechanics of previous Jagged Alliance titles, which are a mixture of turn-based battles and real-time action. Players take control of a group of mercenaries, commanding them from an isometric perspective to complete tasks in order to earn fame and fortune.


Added September 3, 2012  

Added Under BROWSER, MMORPG | International | Live: July 17, 2015
GameTags: jarbit, indie, open world, fantasy, retro, crpg

Info: Aberoth is a retro-style fantasy MMORPG developed by Jarbit. You start your adventure in an orcish prison with no possessions or skills. Once you escape, your journey of exploration begins. To survive, you must acquire items, learn skills, and join forces with other players to combat the hordes of enemies who inhabit the world.

The Settlers Online

Added September 1, 2012  

Added Under BROWSER, STRATEGY | International | Live: September 2012
The Settlers online
GameTags: ubisoft, blue byte, instance-based, medieval, historical, city building, real-time strategy

Info: The Settlers online is a browser-based online strategy game developed by Blue Byte. The game combines the popular gameplay elements of The Settlers franchise with brand new features suited to a persistent, browser-based online game. Players are able to settle a new city and join thousands of gamers already online to create or join guilds, trade resources and acquire and exchange bonuses to help each other out along the way to building a mighty kingdom.

Brick Force

Added August 11, 2012  

Added Under BROWSER, SHOOTER | International | Live: July 12, 2012
GameTags: infernum, exe games, lobby-based, voxel-based, sandbox, survival, building game, first-person shooter

Info: Brick-Force is a sandbox shooter developed by EXE Games and published by Infernum. The game lets players create their own maps and then share them online, using the maps they create as the backdrop for fast-paced shooting matches against fellow players in PvP or AI opponents in PvE.