Gloria Victis

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Gloria Victis
GameTags: black eye games, open world, medieval, historical, fantasy, action rpg

Info: Gloria Victis is a low fantasy Medieval MMORPG with an emphasis on realism. The game features open PvP with territory control, non-targeting combat, sandbox crafting and a player-driven economy, all served up with a deep and nonlinear storyline.

Key Features:
? Great PvP: Fight to the death, loot defeated enemies with an innovative looting system, participate in knight tournaments, epic realm vs realm wars where armies collide and castle/city sieges.

? Realistic Combat: Engage in action-based, non-target combat where your skills and tactics matter, using weapons and armour modelled upon authentic medieval equipment.

? Deep Background: Choose between the four nations of Midlanders, Azebs, Ismirs and Sangarians, each based upon a real medieval power and equipped with a rich culture, belief system and history as well as aesthetically different equipment.

? Complex Progression System: Build your character from scratch or choose one of premade builds. Earn stats and skills and level up to become who you want to be ¨C there are no boundaries at all!

? Sandbox Crafting System: Create your own items with Gloria Victis’ ten different crafts, in which your success depends on your skill rather than luck. Specialise in one profession, becoming one of the crafting masters shaping your nation¡¯s economy or be a self-reliant jack of all trades.

? Non-instanced Housing System: Build your own house, set up your village and fortify it together with your guild members. Besiege the castles of your enemies and rule over large territories.

? Harsh World: Survive in an unpleasant, living open world, full of wild animals, robbers, monsters from medieval legends and beasts in human form. The choices you make affect the way people react to you.

? Breath-taking Storyline: Deep, epic, non-linear story co-created with Jacek Komuda and Maciej Jurewicz, well-known writers and authors of The Witcher¡¯s story script, numerous books and an RPG setting. There also are extensive dialogues and mature quests ¨C Gloria Victis brings the ‘RPG’ back to ‘MMORPG’.

? Rich Social System: Be part of a living feudal society ¨C serve as vassal or become a powerful lord, build the world¡¯s economy, create and lead influential guilds, conquer territories under your own unique banner and shape the political map of the world.

You can take one of the sides, join a guild, family or order and in their name retake sacred grounds that other families are trying to claim. You can join with your friends and follow the trail of missing artifacts surrounded by legends. You can delve into the mysteries of unnerving events, learn the history and take possession of the wisdom and glory it holds.

? Huge world to explore: Enjoy travels through our non-instanced world, discover ancient secrets and seek forgotten treasure ? or just take a stroll through our vibrant living environment.

Model: F2P
Status: Closed Beta [ TBA ]
Subgenre: Action RPG

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Version: International
Developer: Black Eye Games
Publisher: Black Eye Games
Release Date(s): Closed Beta – n/a | Open Beta – n/a | Launch – n/a
Language(s): English, Polish
Platform(s): PC
System Requirements: n/a

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