La Tale

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Added Under ACTION, MMORPG | International | Live: June 27, 2017
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La Tale
GameTags: vertigo games, actoz soft, instance-based, anime, platformer, action rpg

Info: La Tale is a 2D sidescrolling MMORPG developed by Actoz Soft. The game features up to 32 character classes and offers players a myriad of character customization options.

You begin your journey in the kingdom of Elias with nothing but a quest and a long road to magical destinations. As you journey onwards, you will do quests and find magical markers called the Stones of Iris that will lead you to the truths at the heart of the tale through the continent of Jiendia. Swords and magic clash with futuristic technology set in a broad range of mythical realms.

The world of La Tale is a breath taking adventure set in a diverse landscape. The game features splendid, anime-inspired graphics with cute characters, a variety of emotions, and actions in a side-scrolling, console-style casual MMORPG, with the reputation of having the friendliest community.

Model: F2P
Status: Live [ June 27, 2017 ]
Subgenre: Platformer, Action RPG

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Version: International
Developer: Actoz Soft
Publisher: Vertigo Games
Release Date(s): Closed Beta – n/a | Open Beta – n/a | Launch – June 27, 2017
Language(s): English
Platform(s): PC
System Requirements:

  • Specifications
  • Operating System
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Hard Drive
  • Graphics Card
  • Minimum
  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Intel Core2Duo 2.4GHz or better
  • 2GB
  • 5GB
  • GeForce 6600 or better
  • Recommended
  • Windows 7
  • Intel Core i5-750 or better
  • 4GB
  • 5GB
  • GeForce GTX 260 or better
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