Langrisser Schwarz

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Langrisser Schwarz
GameTags: gamania, masaya, instance-based, fantasy, anime, crpg

Info: Langrisser Schwarz is a fantasy MMORPG based on the Langrisser series of SRPGs. While staying true to the original world view and various existing systems such as the mercenary and unit balances, the online version has an enhanced character view, which makes for more exciting battle scenes during combat.

Langrisser Schwarz revolves around the opposing Three Forces: Light, Empire, and Dark. After the player chooses which force to follow, the storyline will take them through epic quests and strategic battles as they strive to conquer the world. In order to dynamically portray the Three Forces in Langrisser Schwarz, the developers focused on creating customized settings for each force ¨C including unique visual color tones, background story, character style, profession choices, and mercenaries. Even the main quests will be altered depending on which side the player is on, immersing them within the different values of each Force.

Key Features:
? Choose Your Force
Character Creation Quiz: Decide your Destiny When the game starts, the player see the Goddess Lushiris. In the original, the player was assigned to the forces of light. However, in the online game, the player may freely choose which of the three forces he would like to join. Based on the player’s answers, the goddess would suggest which faction is the most suitable. Are you seeking peace and order? Join the forces of light. If you believe in power, you should join the empire. Lastly, join the forces of dark if you wish to restructure the world.

? Multiple Classes
After the character creation quiz, the player will be placed onto one of the class trees: path of courage (warrior), path of honor (ranger), path of defense (guardian), path of freedom (archer), path of wisdom (mage), and path of faith (priest).

? Flexible Class System
In other online games, players would have to create a new character if they want to play another class. However, in Langrisser Schwarz, a player may go back to a previous class after reaching the highest level on their present class while keeping their old skills. Therefore, a player can develop a unique set of skills by gaining levels in multiple classes. Furthermore, after reaching the highest tier on the class tree, a player can go through a re-birth by using a runestone. He will then be able to start at another class tree while keeping all of his skills. In other words, it is possible for a player to master all of the classes in the game.

? Hire Mercenaries
Epic Battles with Mercenaries Langrisser Schwars has some strategic elements such as mercenaries and tactics. The game will assign mercenaries for the player at the beginning based on his class. As the player makes progress in the game, he will be able to hire more different mercenaries as he sees fit. He may assign two elite mercenaries to carry out an ambush, or hire six to overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers.

The number of mercenaries is not the only important factor in battle. In Langrisser Schwars, unit match up makes a return from the original game. For example, soldiers, spearmen and calvary are strong against spearmen, calvary, and soldiers, respectively. In battle, the player must coordinate with his partners about formations and tactics in order to ensure their victory.

? Real-Time Unit Management
During battle, the player must control both his character and his mercenaries. The player can still focus on his own character while giving commands to the mercenaries. The commands are ˇ°followˇ±: mercenaries will follow the commander and do not attack; ˇ°alertˇ±: mercenaries will counterattack if attacked; ˇ°attackˇ±: mercenaries will chase enemies.

Model: F2P
Status: Closed Beta [ TBA ]
Subgenre: CRPG, SRPG, RTS

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Version: International
Developer: Gamania Digital Entertainment, Masaya Games
Publisher: Gamania Digital Entertainment
Release Date(s): Closed Beta – n/a | Open Beta – n/a | Launch – n/a
Language(s): English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Platform(s): PC
System Requirements: n/a

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