Magic Duels

Added July 20, 2015  

Added Under STRATEGY | International | Live: July 29, 2015
Magic Duels
GameTags: wizards of the coast, stainless games, lobby-based, medieval, fantasy, trading card game

Info: More Cards. More Strategy. Bigger Story. Summon mythical creatures. Cast legendary spells. Match wits with your opponent and emerge victorious in epic online duels. With hundreds of earnable cards and countless strategies, building your deck and challenging your friends in Magic: The Gathering has never been more fun.

Magic Duels is the best way to start playing Magic, offering virtually unlimited free gameplay, regular content updates, unlockable cards, and many exciting multiplayer modes–including Two-Headed Giant!

Play the world’s best strategy game free on your favorite gaming device. Arm yourself with a deck of devastating spells and fearsome creatures, then win battles and unlock even more powerful cards to add to your collection.

Challenge some of the brightest minds in the world of Magic. Take on friends, online opponents, and thousands of AI foes.

Explore Magic’s all-new Story content, where you walk in the footsteps of iconic Planeswalkers.

Key Features:
? NEW STORY: In the new Shadows over Innistrad update monsters stalk the night, horrors flit in the shadows, werewolves prowl the forests, mad scientists create monstrosities in hidden labs, and noble vampire families openly vie for power and control. Only you can stem the tide of darkness.

? NEW CARDS: More than 300 NEW unique earnable cards from Magicí»s Shadows over Innistrad and Oath of the Gatewatch sets, along with NEW Story Content, NEW Skill Quests, and more.

? MANY WAYS TO PLAY: Experience some of Magicí»s most iconic moments in Story Mode, head to Battle Mode to take on your friends, or grab a partner for a four-player Two-Headed Giant battle.

? BUILD POWERFUL DECKS: Build your deck of devastating spells from an ever-growing library of earnable cards.

? PRACTICE OFFLINE: Hone your skills and try new decks and strategies against virtually endless AI opponents in Solo Mode.

Model: F2P
Status: Live [ July 29, 2015 ]
Subgenre: TCG

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Version: International
Developer: Stainless Games
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Release Date(s): Closed Beta – n/a | Open Beta – n/a | Launch – July 29, 2015
Language(s): English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
Platform(s): PC, iOS, Xbox One
System Requirements:

  • Specifications
  • Operating System
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Hard Drive
  • Graphics Card
  • Minimum
  • Windows 7
  • Intel P4 2.0GHz
  • 1GB
  • 1GB
  • 512MB VRAM & DirectX 11 compatible video card
  • Recommended
  • Windows 7
  • Intel Dual-Core 2.0GHz or better
  • 2GB
  • 1GB
  • GeForce GTS 250 or better
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