Metal Assault

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Added Under SHOOTER | NA, EU | NA Open Beta: March 1, 2016, EU Open Beta: May 3, 2016
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Metal Assault
GameTags: gravity, idc games, gni soft, instance-based, modern, anime, platformer, shoot ’em up

Info: Metal Assault is a 2D Run ‘N Gun game developed by GNI & Sesi Soft. As an R.O.C. Operative, players will be able to explore the City of HERZ, run and gun across 12 dangerous maps and go on a series of gun-blazing assignments to unravel the mystery behind the explosion at R.O.C. HQ and the disappearance of the famed Professor Russell.

Key Features:
? Solo, Co-Op, & Team Missions 每 Choose from a variety of frenetic game modes ranging from solo and co-op missions, team battles for control points, wild 8v8 deathmatches and more.

? BRAAAAINNNSS! 每 Zombies have infiltrated the City of HERZ and it*s up to you and your friends to halt their advance. Take on hordes of cranium craving monsters in 7 different scenarios!

? Get to the CHOPPA! 每 Dominate the battlefield with a variety of player vehicles 每 from dynamic robotic bodysuits and powerful mortar cannons, to 4-player vehicles like tanks and choppers.

? Gear Up, Soldier 每 You*ll come across an assortment of nifty equipment throughout your missions. Deck out your character in military fatigues, try on a pair of shorty shorts, or strap on some groovy goggles.

Model: F2P
Status: NA Open Beta [ March 1, 2016 ], EU Open Beta [ May 3, 2016 ]
Subgenre: Run &N Gun, Shoot ’em Up

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Version: North America, Europe
Developer: GNI & Sesi Soft
Publisher: IDC/Games, Gravity Interactive (Warpportal)
Release Date(s): Closed Beta – n/a | Open Beta – NA March 1, 2016, EU May 3, 2016 | Launch – n/a
Language: English
Platform(s): PC
System Requirements:

  • Specifications
  • Operating System
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Hard Drive
  • Graphics Card
  • Minimum
  • Windows XP
  • P4 2.4 GHz or better
  • 1GB
  • 5GB
  • GeForce 6600 or better
  • Recommended
  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Pentium Dual Core or better
  • 2GB
  • 5GB
  • GeForce 8600 or better
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    Metal Assault, 4.3 out of 5 based on 26 ratings
    • I was too excited for words when I heard Aeria got their hands on this.
      Great looking game, hosted by, in my opinion, one of the best teams in f2p history…I might cry T^T

    • John Ericson

      Overpowered and unbalanced pay combat ruins PvP in this games

    • Brian Pontious

      this game is dead aeria dropped it like a hot iron

    • stoperfect

      pvp sux too much… no balance at all. stages are good part of the game,but overaly the game is 2/5… dont play it.u will regret when try to pvp.