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FreeStyle 2

Added January 10, 2015  

Added Under SPORTS | EU | Live: February 4, 2015
# PC
FreeStyle 2
GameTags: gamekiss, jcentertainment, lobby-based, modern, basketball

Info: FreeStyle 2 is an MMO sports game developed by JCEntertainment. It’s an arcade style online street basketball game with an emphasis on precise controls, fluid movement, teamwork, and fast-paced action.

Basket Dudes

Added June 21, 2010  

Added Under SPORTS | International | Open Beta: June 17, 2011
# PC
basket dudes
GameTags: bitoon games, lobby-based, cartoon, modern, basketball

Info: Basket Dudes is a free to play basketball MMO developed by Spanish MMO developer Bitoon. In Basket Dudes users will have the opportunity to create their own clubs, select their teams among more than 30 players with different characteristics and styles of playing and customize their own court. Through an online community they will also be able to compete against users all over the world and to create its own private leagues.