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World of Mercenaries

Added December 25, 2012  

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Closed Beta: May 24, 2012
# PC
World of Mercenaries
GameTags: city interactive, lobby-based, modern, military, first-person shooter

Info: World of Mercenaries is a modern military FPS developed by City Interactive using the Unreal Engine 3. In the game, you play as freelance mercenaries fighting for fame and fortune across ruthless battlefields around the world.

Super MNC

Added October 19, 2012  

Added Under STRATEGY, SHOOTER | International | Live: April 18, 2012
# PC
Super Monday Night Combat
GameTags: uber entertainment, lobby-based, modern, moba, third-person shooter

Info: Super MNC (Super Monday Night Combat or SMNC) is a third-person MOBA shooter game developed by Uber Entertainment. The game mixes strategy with fast-paced third-person shooting action. It features three game modes: Super Crossfire (The primary 5v5 MOBA mode), Super Blitz (a PvE mode where a team of five defend their Moneyball against waves of bots) and Turbocross (a more action-oriented version of the Super Crossfire mode).

Jagged Alliance Online

Added September 19, 2012  

Added Under BROWSER, STRATEGY | International | Live: September 14, 2012
# PC
Jagged Alliance Online
GameTags: gamigo, bitcomposer games, cliffhanger productions, lobby-based, modern, turn-based strategy

Info: Jagged Alliance Online (JAO) is a multiplayer online turn-based strategy game developed by Cliffhanger Productions. The game is built around the familiar mechanics of previous Jagged Alliance titles, which are a mixture of turn-based battles and real-time action. Players take control of a group of mercenaries, commanding them from an isometric perspective to complete tasks in order to earn fame and fortune.

Gotham City Impostors

Added September 10, 2012  

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Live: February 7, 2012
# PC
Gotham City Impostors
GameTags: warner bros, dc, monolith productions, lobby-based, modern, superhero, first-person shooter

Info: Gotham City Impostors is a multiplayer online FPS developed by Monolith Productions. In the game, players play as vigilantes posing as Batman or criminals posing as the Joker and engage in open warfare on the streets of Gotham.

Ghost Recon Phantoms

Added August 17, 2012  

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Live: April 10, 2014
# PC
Ghost Recon Online
GameTags: ubisoft, ubisoft singapore, lobby-based, modern, military, third-person shooter

Info: Ghost Recon Phantoms is a free-to-play tactical online TPS from Ubisoft. The game puts you in the shoes of of an elite Ghost unit and pits you against other Ghost units in 16-player matches as you fight for dominance of the battlefield.

DC Universe Online

Added September 22, 2011  

Added Under ACTION, MMORPG | International, SEA | INT Live: January 11, 2011, SEA Open Beta: July 15, 2014
# PC, PS3
GameTags: daybreak game company, asiasoft, warner bros, dc, open-world, modern, superhero, action rpg

Info: DC Universe Online is an action MMORPG that combines immersive environments and fascinating story arcs with fast-paced, physics-based combat. Fight alongside or against the legendary characters of DC Comics and chart your own path to legendary.

APB Reloaded

Added July 29, 2011  

Added Under ACTION, SHOOTER | International | Live: December 6, 2011
APB Reloaded
GameTags: gamersfirst, reloaded productions, open world, modern, third-person shooter

Info: APB (All Points Bulletin) is an action MMO developed by Realtime Worlds and designed by the creator of Grand Theft Auto, David Jones. The game is set in an alternative modern-day world where you can either take on the role of a Criminal – hell-bent on causing havoc and making money, or an Enforcer – tapped by the city to keep order.

Team Fortress 2

Added July 25, 2011  

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Live: October 10, 2007
Team Fortress 2
GameTags: valve, lobby-based, modern, first-person shooter

Info: Team Fortress 2 is a team-oriented and class-based online multiplayer FPS from Valve. The game is based around two opposing teams, the RED team and the BLU team, competing to accomplish various combat objectives. Players can choose to play as one of nine classes in these teams, each with his own unique strengths, weaknesses and weapons.

Metal Assault

Added January 28, 2011  

Added Under SHOOTER | NA, EU | NA Open Beta: March 1, 2016, EU Open Beta: May 3, 2016
# PC
Metal Assault
GameTags: gravity, idc games, gni soft, instance-based, modern, anime, platformer, shoot ’em up

Info: Metal Assault is a 2D Run ‘N Gun game developed by GNI & Sesi Soft. As an R.O.C. Operative, players will be able to explore the City of HERZ, run and gun across 12 dangerous maps and go on a series of gun-blazing assignments to unravel the mystery behind the explosion at R.O.C. HQ and the disappearance of the famed Professor Russell.