MU Origin

Added July 27, 2016  

Added Under MOBILE, ACTION, MMORPG | International | Live: July 28, 2016
MU Origin
GameTags: webzen, open world, medieval, fantasy, action rpg

Info: MU Origin is a real-time mobile MMORPG featuring fast-paced levelling along with endless levels and content. MU Origin successfully integrates the enormous amount of content seen in the full-3D PC MMORPG MU Online. Implementing the latest mobile game trends, the game system and user interface have been optimized for mobile devices, offering superb graphics.

Key Features:
? Choose and customize from three different classes: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Elf.
? Equip and evolve your hero with powerful gears and enhance wings to make yourself unstoppable.
? Enhance their abilities and witness the dazzling display of each hero¡¯s unique skills.
? Your powers are endless! Become stronger through endless levels and contents!
? Journey through an exciting open world and complete epic quests.
? Gather parties and explore unique dungeons to defeat world bosses!
? Gather Diamonds, Materials, Zens, and Star Essences in open PVP Areas! Dominate and hoard them all!
? Exchange in real time through Trading and Auction System.
? Clash with rivals in PvP battles and become the PVP King!

Model: F2P
Status: Live [ July 28, 2016 ]
Subgenre: Action RPG

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Version: International
Developer: Webzen
Publisher: Webzen
Release Date(s): Closed Beta – January 25, 2016 | Open Beta – n/a | Launch – July 28, 2016
Language(s): English
Platform(s): iOS, Android
System Requirements: n/a

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