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Posted January 20, 2018  

Added Under MOBILE, SHOOTER | International | Live: January 18, 2018
World of Warships Blitz
GameTags: wargaming, kingnet, lobby-based, world war 2, naval combat simulator, third-person shooter

Info: World of Warships Blitz is a mobile online naval combat game from Wargaming. Developed in partnership with KingNet, World of Warships Blitz lets players battle each other from a massive roster of 90 legendary warships from Japan, ?USA, Germany? ?and? the ?USSR. ?Players can choose between ?four? ?distinct? ?classes such as ?agile? ?destroyers, well-rounded? ?cruisers, ?powerful? ?heavy? ?battleships? ?and? ?long-range? ?tactical? ?aircraft carriers.

Posted January 17, 2018  

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Open Beta: February 1, 2018
# PC
GameTags: aeria games, gamigo, wiple games, lobby-based, sci-fi, military, first-person shooter

Info: Ironsight is a sci-fi online multiplayer FPS developed by Wiple Games. The game is set in a dystopia 2025, where warring factions, the North American Atlantic Forces (NAF) and the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN), are engaged in futuristic warfare in a bitter struggle for power and ownership of the last remaining natural resources on earth.

Posted December 27, 2017  

Added Under MOBILE, STRATEGY | International | Live: July 26, 2017
GameTags: unnyhog, indie, lobby-based, sci-fi, fantasy, survival, moba, battle royale

Info: UnnyWorld is a cross-platform space fantasy MOBA developed by Unnyhog. The rules in the game are simple: huge Planet is the battleground, your goal is to survive at any cost. Collect spells, build towers and put traps to defeat other players. The Planet is always getting destroyed and to win in the Grand Battle you need to escape from collapsing territories.

Posted December 20, 2017  

Added Under MOBILE, STRATEGY | International | Open Beta: December 6, 2017
Black Survival
GameTags: archbears, indie, lobby-based, survival, anime, battle royale

Info: Black Survival is an online survival adventure game developed by Archbears. In the game, 10 players compete for survival in an ever shrinking battlefield. Hunt, craft, and battle your way to the top using a wide variety of unique characters.

Posted December 13, 2017  

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Open Alpha: April 1, 2017
# PC
GameTags: spilt milk studios, open world, sci-fi, shoot em up, roguelike, space shooter

Info: Developed by Spilt Milk Studios, Lazarus is a top-down MMO shooter twist on Groundhog Day where thousands of players survive together in a huge persistent real-time world, where dogfights, foraging for resources and exploring exciting new tech combine into a tumultuous ‘MMO Roguelike’ that turns back in on itself every week like some kind of ultra-futuristic Ouroboros.

Posted December 9, 2017  

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Open Beta: December 5, 2017
Epic Snails
GameTags: screenzilla entertainment, rocketsnail, skyvu, lobby-based, modern, third-person shooter

Info: Epic Snails is an online multiplayer third-person shooter developed by RocketSnail and SkyVu. Create a snail and join the battle. Take control of the backyard with Epic Snails! Climb walls, hang upside down and move anywhere. Team up with your friends for a tank game unlike any other!

Posted December 6, 2017  

Added Under SHOOTER, MMORPG | International | Closed Beta: TBA
Steambirds Alliance
GameTags: spry fox, indie, open world, steampunk, co-op, roguelike, shoot ’em up

Info: Steambirds Alliance is a co-op MMO shootĄŻem up from Spry Fox. In the game, you fly a steampunk airplane together with your friends in a vast open world, fight against hundreds of explosive enemies, dodge intricate bullet hell patterns and collect rare loot. There are also giant bosses and secret missions.

Posted December 2, 2017  

Added Under ACTION, RACING | International | Live: December 8, 2017
# PC
Wheel Riders Online
GameTags: raum studio, lobby-based, modern, auto racing, vehicular combat

Info: Wheel Riders Online is an online multiplayer vehicular combat game developed by Raum Studio. In the game, you build your own vehicles using the parts in your garage and battle other players online. Fight in a huge armored tank or a small but fast sports car — the choice is yours.

Posted November 29, 2017  

Added Under SHOOTER | International | Closed Beta: December 1, 2017
# PC
CityBattle Virtual Earth
GameTags: llc rikor imt, lobby-based, sci-fi, first-person shooter, city building

Info: CityBattle is a sci-fi online FPS developed by LLC RIKOR IMT. Every day, the virtual cities of Marseille, Beijing, Sochi etc. fight for dominance in CityBattle. Find your city on the map of Virtual Earth, join the Army and fight the invaders.