Tiara Concerto

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Tiara Concerto
GameTags: gamania, firedog studio, instance-based, fantasy, anime, crpg

Info: Tiara Concerto is a music themed fantasy MMORPG developed by Firedog Studio. In Tiara Concerto, players will experience a new and refreshing battle system, harnessing the power of music to defeat enemies while exploring a breathtaking world high among the clouds.

The game features three races, Humans, Beasts and Elves, and three classes, Performer, Tuner and Composer. The strengths of each class differ greatly from one another; for instance, the Performer excels in close-quarter combat, the Composer is the master of sudden attacks, and the Tuner, the strongest of the bunch, acts not only as a reliever but can also launch large-scale attacks using the mysterious skill, ¡°Tuning¡± — borrowing forces from the four natural elements of earth, water, wind and fire to open dimensions and repel enemies.

One feature that makes Tiara Concerto stand out from other MMORPG games is the way the movements of each character are designed. Characters appear to be ¡°dancing¡± to the background music when moving forward, stepping backward, dodging and generating chain combo attacks. The instruments and scores that players obtain throughout the game determine the kinds of enemies that are unleashed and the settings of each level. This means no player ever experiences the exact same game, and every melody has the potential to change the outcome of the game.

Key Features:
? Exciting Combat
Combine certain skills to make a chain combo easily. By tuning in battle, characters can easily chain skills together.

? Tuning Skills
Advancing Through Different Levels With Teamwork and Unity. Levels are tailored for four players, and a champion waits at the end of each instance. When faced with more active monsters, players can join forces to advance through levels with skill and teamwork, which can create multiple chain skills.

In addition to combat, players may also encounter mechanical obstacles and environmental objects.

? Using Magic Through Melodies
Music is magic. If players make use of the characters possessing tuning skills, they will be able to use different kinds of tuning magic with instruments.

? Summon Dungeon
Players can use instruments to open the gate to the second dimension, and take the adventure to a different sub-dimension, the “dungeon (music range).”

? Key to the Musical Range
In the realm of Tiara Concerto, there are six natural elements called “Phonemes.” These six phonemes include water, fire, wind, earth, light and darkness. They are the key to the musical range, exist together and can be found everywhere. With the development of tuning technology, Humans realized that a weapon which incorporates these six phonemes could be used to cause regional phonemes to resonate and temporarily alter the melody of a region. This in turn can cause local monsters to experience behavioral changes. Monsters, whose individual phonemes conflict with each other, will demonstrate immense weakness. This discovery has since revolutionized the mode of Human combat.

Model: F2P
Status: Closed Beta [ TBA ]
Subgenre: CRPG

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Version: International
Developer: Firedog Studio
Publisher: Gamania Digital Entertainment
Release Date(s): Closed Beta – n/a | Open Beta – n/a | Launch – n/a
Language(s): English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean
Platform(s): PC
System Requirements: n/a

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    International? The Site is Japanese How is that International? even the languages tab isn’t even touchable

  • Matthew Kevin Nance

    it shut down na gamania is a dead company they dropped everything and didn’t bother deleting there site or selling off any of the games to any other publisher so all the projects died with the company