Victory Command

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Added Under STRATEGY | International | Closed Beta: January 30, 2015
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Victory Command
GameTags: playgrid games, petroglyph, lobby-based, modern, military, real-time strategy, moba

Info: Victory Command is a military themed MOBA developed by Petroglyph Games. The game expands the competitive battlefield beyond the standard three-lane MOBA formula with RTS controls and tactics in an open-field battle arena that gives players the chance to engage enemies with larger scale strategies such as flanking, ambushing, and trapping.

In Victory Command players simultaneously command multiple units of armoured, recon, and infantry combat units to engage in 5v5 team combat. They begin their military career with basic companies to command, and then improve their troops and arsenal by earning experience points in combat. Combining the cooperation and competition of battle arena games with the strategies and tactics of real-time strategy games, this unique Military MOBA, is full of additional ways to surprise and destroy opponents.

Key Features:
? Fast-paced 5v5 multi-player Military MOBA where each player has their own customized company and can devise and execute intricate, team-based strategies.

? Multiple maps bring to life a variety of terrain which can work to your advantage or disadvantage. These features include line-of-sight, brush, heavy cover, vantage points, infantry-only paths, water features, and more.

? Unique match structure and mechanics – The game¡¯s open field battle arena allows for movement across any part of the map, – not just three lanes – providing unique match structures and play mechanics.

? Each player controls a highly customizable Company of 2 to 12 units, with 15+ different types of companies, each having their own unique attributes in battle.

? Every Company has a set of Commander Abilities to choose from, providing game-changing offensive and defensive actions including airstrikes, anti-weapon gas, ensnare, napalm strike, and many more.

? Customizable in hundreds of ways ¨C Players can strategically mix and match units within their company to create the tactical force that they want to bring into battle.

? Play in short, frenetic matches to earn experience, improve stats, unlock new skills, and gain powerful abilities with different unit types.

? Victory Command will have a stream of continuous updates with new content rolling out regularly.

Model: F2P
Status: Closed Beta [ January 30, 2015 ]
Subgenre: RTS, MOBA

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Version: International
Developer: Petroglyph Games
Publisher: PlayGrid Games
Release Date(s): Closed Beta – January 30, 2015 | Open Beta – n/a | Launch – n/a
Language(s): English
Platform(s): PC
System Requirements:

  • Specifications
  • Operating System
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Hard Drive
  • Graphics Card
  • Minimum
  • Windows 7
  • Intel Dual-Core 2.6GHz
  • 4GB
  • 4GB
  • GeForce 400
  • Recommended
  • Windows 7/8
  • Intel Core 2 Quad 2.6GHz or better
  • 6GB
  • 4GB
  • GeForce 500 or better
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