WildStar Announced, Beta Sign-ups Open

Posted August 18, 2011  

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Big sword? Check. Dual pistols? Check. Bunny ears? Check.

NCsoft has graced gamescom with WildStar, a stylish new sci-fi MMORPG developed by Carbine Studios. The Southern California-based studio is comprised of many former Blizzard employees that were involved in development of games like World of Warcraft, Diablo II, Starcraft and other titles.

In Carbine Studios’ latest offering, you’ll be sent to the mysterious planet of Nexus as an Explorer, Soldier, Scientist or Settler. The “path” you choose will determine your abilities, your play style and how you’ll be rewarded in-game. The game also rewards your skills in combat with a system called “Momentum Meter”, in which you’re rewarded for dodging and interrupting enemy attacks.

In addition to paths there’s also the usual classes, the gunslinging Spellslinger, the sword-wielding Warrior and the spellcasting Esper. There are also different races and factions to choose from too, and depending on what combination of path, class, race and faction you choose, you’ll be presented a different set of mini-quests and challenges.

NCsoft hasn’t revealed the game’s model or release date yet, but beta registration is already open at the official website. For additional information on the game, check out IGN’s gamescom coverage.

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  • zoren

    lets hope it will be f2p

    • NecroWarrior

      Unlikely. NCsoft games are all P2P.

      • fdvergaeg

        but they are making some strategy game that will be f2p, also 1time purchase like guild wars is better than a monthly subscription

        • NecroWarrior

          I know NC had one F2P game but that was shut down years ago. CoH is going F2P but it's not F2P yet. What strategy game are you talking about?

          • Corruptious

            Dungion runners

          • deathscythes

            ummmm guild wars anyone? F2P.

          • illu

            ummmm guild wars? B2P?

          • aboveposterisanidiot

            and how likely is it that you spend absolutely no money on a "true F2P game"?? Guild Wars' B2P system is a lot cheaper than any F2P out there. so yeah, just because it's called free to play, it doesnt mean its free, and just coz its called buy to play doesnt mean it'll cost you more than a "free" to play…..

  • danjoxyz

    to me it looks like another allods online copy. I'm sure the scenery will be great, but i hope this isnt a grindfest all day long just to reach a really high level to do some hard pvp. i'm looking forward to rusty hearts!

    • illu

      you hate grinding but r looking forward to play rusty hearts? really? its one of the most grindy games ever ?

    • Lalalala

      Allods online copy? Puh-lease. Grindfest? Who told you Allods is a grindfest. And plus I don't think this has Wardens, Summoners, and Allods doesn't have a half-decent profession system, and Gun-Classes.

  • SolBalmung

    Exteel was F2P but it was shut down years ago….

  • I dunno bout you guys, but I'll play anything that has bunny-eared girls with perky breasts :>

    • illu

      agreed ?

  • The game is presented in the F2P sections on most of the sites, and yet considering the commercial value of such model, it is VERY likely that the game will be F2P. Most of the existing F2P games are heavily funded by most of the users, unknown to you: Microvolts for example (The lack for recent updates on the site is mistakenly taken for low support, however considering how many content RockHippo upload in their newer projects it is more likely a wise move). Nowadays F2P is a mode accepted both by users and hosting company.

  • Ehh

    LooooooooooooooooooooooL whats this o_o