WildStar Goes Free-to-Play This Fall

Posted May 29, 2015  

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WildStar Goes Free-to-Play this Fall

Sci-fi MMORPG ditches subscription fee.

NCsoft announced that WildStar, the stylish and vibrant sci-fi MMORPG developed by Carbine Studios, will drop its subscription fee requirement and become free-to-play sometime this fall.

Details from NCsoft’s press release:

Following the transition this fall, all players will be able to level to 50, acquire all Amps and abilities, and participate in all dungeons, raids, adventures, shiphands, and PvP. The entirety of the game will be open for players to explore for free.

Players may also purchase an optional membership for a monthly fee that will provide various convenience bonuses and enhancements to XP, crafting, currency, item drops and reputation. Members will gain additional character, costume, bank, supply, and d¨Ścor items.

For the in-game store, NCoin will enable players to buy convenience or cosmetic items. In almost every case, items that are available for purchase via NCoin will have equivalent items available for players that want to invest time rather than money. One thing that will not be available for purchase is power ¨C progression will continue to require both skill and effort.

This fall, in addition to going free-to-play, Carbine will be working to make even more quality of life and content changes within WildStar:
? Streamlining player and item stats to be much more intuitive while adding high-level options to give players more flexibility.
? Making the Amp system easier to use by unlocking all Amp slots.
? Reviewing dungeons and open world content so that the experience is challenging, but not brutal.
? Changing the tutorial and early game experience to provide a better and quicker introduction.

WildStar was originally launched in June of last year as a subscription-based MMO. For more information on the game’s free-to-play transition, check out the official announcement.

  • Kazukix

    Saw this coming from LIGHTYEARS away, the subscription model is dead…

    • Zach

      except for FFXIV ! Zing

      • Cronos

        I’d say FFXIV hardly pulls it off, it’s not a unique enough game to make me want to pay monthly for it, I gave it a shot, and for a sub-par game I’m not paying 15$ a month, very happy to pay 15$ a month for a unique game, if it removes any chance of P2W. WildStar looked so under-par that I wasn’t even willing to pay 1 month to try it though.

        • Zach

          its all mid and end game

    • sampson3121

      agreed, i knew they would go F2P, ill give it a try when it does.