New Update to Mobile Legends; it Adds King Of Fighters Skins into the game

Bang Bang developer Moonton has officially revealed its collaboration with SNK. SNK is known for classic games such as Metal Slug, The King of Fighters, and Samurai Showdown.

Mobile Legends New Skin

Free Skin In its latest update for its Mobile Legends game, Moonton disclosed that the studio will offer skins for selected heroes based on King of Fighters. While the news has excited a good number of players, a large number have expressed disappointment that hero skins were offered instead of releasing new heroes based on the fighting game.

The first skin to be released is Athena Asamiya for Guinevere. Guinevere is a relatively new hero in the Mobile Legends universe, as she was only introduced last month. Many players have noticed that there are similarities when it comes to Guinevere and Athena.
The second skin will be Iori Yagami and will be used for Chou. As a hero with crowd control skills, Chou remains as one of the more popular characters in the current meta and in competitive play. There is the expectation that this skin may have a high popularity with many players.

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The third, and final, skin will be Leona Heidern for Karina. Karina recently experienced a decline in terms of popularity, mainly because of the arrival of new heroes and playing the heroine requires a certain degree of skill, especially in the early game. With this skin, many are hoping that this will make Karina popular again.

Available for both iOS and Android, Mobile Legends was first released in 2016. While there are already number of mobile phone games dedicated to the MOBA genre, Mobile Legends claims to be the pioneer. Moonton has even claimed that while “they didn’t invent the smart phone, they invented the MOBA for it.” Mobile Legends is also considered by some as the first MOBA game to offer a battle royale game mode.

Pre-order for the King of Fighters skin for Mobile Legends begin on March 19, with the official release scheduled on March 23. Players who are able to log-in to the game on March 23 get the Leona Heidern skin for free.

First thing to do when playing Chou is to pick your first skill and set them up in the row of 2/1/1. Then pick the top or bottom lane to play partner with Chou.

Best Strategy to Play in Game ” Mobile Legends

Before the match officially starts farm in the jungle for gold to begin buying your items. Chou’s items can end up being pricey so farming for the extra gold is helpful.
While farming make sure to get the Blue Buff for your team. Once you do take top or bottom lane and start clearing out minions.

in game strategy

Once you run for 8yards you’ll get Chou’s Firey Hand which is a passive that applies Stun to his basic attack. Make sure to recall if you drop to low health it’ll also give you a chance to buy some items.

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